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It is more important than ever to keep young minds active.

We are here to support teachers and parents/carers in the

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Introducing WeClass

Our Tech Tuesdays online lessons are hosted on WeClass, a Learning Platform provided by UST (a signatory to Tech She Can) that enables both remote learning and live virtual lessons. With WeClass, you will be able to view all pre-recorded sessions hosted by Tech We Can, ask questions directly to the TechWeCan team and provide feedback as we continue to improve our content.

Tech Tuesdays Everyday

Each lesson is 20-45 minutes long and is led by one of our Tech We Can teachers.

Each lesson is on a different topic and is designed for children aged 8-14 years. They are fun and informative, looking at the uses of technology in our everyday lives and link into future career paths for students.

We then set the students a challenge to complete in the hour or so following the lesson.

Just to say, Tech We Can has inspired me to do more and find out more about Future Technology, as this is only my first Lesson.

Student, Tech for Entertainment and Art


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Thank you for the encouraging message Katie. I let Antony to read it and he was jumping to the ceiling with excitement :). He started creating further comics immediately. He has been doing it for a while now and we have a cabinet full of comics so decided to invest in the tablet to let him use technology for his passion. It is so great when someone (outside of his own family) can encourage him as well :).

Parent, Tech for Fun

Hi there, my son really enjoyed today’s session on the Environment and how tech is being used by some of the brand giants that their age-group recognises, so thumbs up on that. My son, albeit only 11, was interested in the jobs section that you ran – I’m a fan of early careers advice and guidance as we are all aware that young people rule out certain occupations early in their life and then trying to un-do that preconception is difficult!

Parent, Tech for the Environment

I joined virtually last week with my sister, nephews and niece. We loved the session, the kids especially enjoyed it and found Alice from Rolls Royce completely inspirational as she talked about Augmented Reality, Co-Bot’s (collaborative robots), and working with engines, but also how she tries lots of different things in her job and her musical background, what a great role model!

Parent, Tech for Manufacturing and Engineering

Teach Tech Yourself

Alongside our TechTuesday online lessons we also offer lesson packs for parents

and teachers to teach to children at home or in school. The packs include lesson

plans, presentations, printable resources and instructional videos.