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We’ve answered some of your important questions below.

Can other year groups outside of Years 6,7 and 8 complete these lessons?

The Tech We Can lesson plans were created for Years 6, 7 and 8 however some of our pilot schools have successfully delivered Tech We Can to year 5 and year 9 students. If, after looking through the resources, you feel they would be suitable for your class then you are welcome to use them.

Why are the lesson plans called Tech We Can?

Tech She Can is a charter (a group of organisations) committed to work together to increase the number of women working in technology roles in the UK. As part of their work, they have created the Tech We Can lessons plans. Tech We Can has a different name as the lessons have been created for both boys and girls but have an underlying theme of female role models within technology.

How much do the Tech We Can lessons cost?

The lesson plans are completely free. The majority of the apps are also free. The two apps which cost a small fee can be optional extras therefore if you would prefer not to purchase them, you can focus the allocated time on the other activities within that lesson.

Who can teach the Tech We Can lesson?

The Tech We Can lessons have been designed to be delivered by both primary and secondary teachers of all subject specialisms, not just ICT or Computer Science. In our pilots, the lessons were taught by teachers who specialise in English, Art, P.E, Humanities, Mathematics, Music and DT.

Do you have to complete the lessons in a certain order?

No. How you choose to deliver the lessons plans is completely up to your school. They can be taught in any order as they are standalone lessons based around different themes.

How have schools organised the delivery of the lessons around curriculum time?

We completely understand that 12 hours of teaching time is a significant commitment for a teacher/school to make.

Our pilot schools approached this in a number of different ways. Some held a Tech We Can day in which they delivered 3 of the lessons and then spread the other 3 lessons over the following weeks. Other schools spread the lessons between different subjects, with each subject therefor delivering one 2 hour lesson. Our primary schools used an afternoon slot a week and taught Tech We Can rather than Computing or linked the lessons into their curriculum/literacy themes.

What happens if our school does not have tablets running Apple iOS or Android?

Not all of the Tech We Can lesson require the use of tablets/iPads however for the lessons which do, we have created 3 different versions:

Full Tech = requires the use of augmented reality compatible iPads/tablets – purchased in the past 3 – 4 years. 

Mid Tech = requires the use of iPads/tablets but these do not have to be augmented reality compatible (older than 3 – 4 years). 

Low Tech = require no use of tablets or iPads but the students will need access to the internet to research. 

When you register for Tech We Can, we will direct you towards the lessons plans which are most appropriate for your school (depending upon the technology you have available).

Do these lessons add significantly to a teacher's workload?

Our pilot teachers found the Tech We Can lesson plans really easy to follow and to prepare for. The online video tutorials are all around 10 minutes long – our aim is to ensure that after watching the video and reading the provided plan all teachers will be ready to deliver the lesson to their students. All resources and app links are also provided on the online portal.

How can we assess the effectiveness of these lessons within our school?

We ask all students and teachers to complete a Google form and perceptions drawing task at the start and the end of the Tech We Can lesson. Most importantly we monitor the effectiveness of these lessons by comparing how many students were interested in pursuing a career in technology at the start of the lessons compared to the end.

If you would like the individual statistics for your school then please contact us and we can provide these for you.

Are these lessons suitable for children with Special Educational Needs?

If you would like to deliver Tech We Can to students with special needs then please contact our Education Consultant and she will be happy to help you adapt the lesson plans to suit the needs and ability of your class.

How can we continue encouraging the students to pursue technology careers after the lessons?

At the end of the Curriculum and Overview document you will see a page of ‘Suggested Further Learning’ – the majority of which are organisations who are part of the Tech She Can Charter.  Please do use these suggested links to continue encouraging the children to investigate tech and where this could take them in their future career paths.

Please also continue to use the apps and spread the new technology around the school to other subject areas who may benefit.

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Together we can change the ratio


Together we can change the ratio