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If you’re a parent or carer looking at home schooling in this uncertain time and would like to teach our Tech We Can lesson plans we appreciate you may need some extra guidance. Please watch our video below for some extra guidance on how these plans can be used at home, and refer to our handy Parents FAQs for any questions. 

You have 3 options given to you, low tech, mid tech and full tech. 

  • Low Tech: if you have access to the internet but no iPads or tablets
  • Mid Tech: if you have an iPad purchased more than 3 years ago 
  • Full Tech: if you have access to an iPad or tablet purchased in the last 3 years 

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At Home FAQs

What is Tech We Can?

Tech We Can is a set of free lesson plans designed to be taught to both boys and girls.  Originally set up to be taught by teachers in the classroom but now available to parents and carers for teaching at home.  The lessons are all mapped to the National Curriculum and are structured, fun learning packs all about technology careers and seeing the use of technology in everyday lives.

What are the aims of Tech We Can?

The aim of the lessons plans is to teach children all about how technology is evolving and advancing in different areas of work. We want to broaden children’s knowledge of technology careers and the types of people who work in them. This is important knowledge for your child as the world of work is changing rapidly due to technology advancements. We want children to be aware of the kind of roles and careers which will be available to them when they leave school. We want to show them how their current hobbies and passions could lead them into a career in technology.

Why are the lesson plans called Tech We Can?

The Tech She Can Charter is a group of organisations committed to work together to increase the number of women working in technology roles in the UK. At the moment only 23% of women work in technology and it’s crucial for our business and economy to have diversity in creating the new tech products and services that are shaping the world we live in.

There are over 150 signatories as part of the Charter and together they have created the Tech We Can lessons plans to help improve the pipeline of people, particularly females to apply for technology careers. The lesson plans are named Tech We Can as they have been created for both boys and girls but have an underlying theme of female role models within technology.

What age are the lessons designed for?

The Tech We Can lesson plans were created for Years 6, 7 and 8 however some of our pilot schools have successfully delivered Tech We Can to year 5 and year 9 students.

The plans can be adapted for various situations including teaching at home if you’re a parent or carer:

If your child is in year 6 and about to move to secondary school, the Tech We Can lessons show these children how all of the separate subjects they will study are still interconnected and what the future of work might look like at the end of their secondary school journey.

If your child is in year 8 and about to choose their GCSE’s Tech We Can aims to show the children how important the Science, Technology and Computing subjects may be for their future prospects.

How much do the Tech We Can lessons cost?

The lesson plans are completely free. The majority of the apps are also free. The two apps which cost a small fee can be optional extras therefore if you would prefer not to purchase them, you can focus the allocated time on the other activities within that lesson.

Can I teach these lesson plans as a parent/carer or non-teacher?

The Tech We Can lessons have been originally designed to be delivered by both primary and secondary teachers of all subject specialisms, not just ICT or Computer Science and because of this they are also suitable for parents/carers to use at home.

All the lesson plans are designed to be as simple to follow as they can be, each plan has an online video tutorial that is around 10 minutes long.  After watching the video and reading the provided plan the aim is that you will be able to deliver the lesson.  All resources and app links are also provided on the online portal.

What do I need to deliver these at home?

There are 3 different versions of each plan to ensure all children can complete the lessons no matter the technology you have available at home.

If you have access to an iPad or tablet purchased in the last 3 years then you can use our full tech lesson plans.

If you have an iPad purchased more than 3 years ago then please use our mid tech lesson plans.

And if you’ve access to the internet but no ipads or tablets, you can use our low tech plans.

Other resources required for the lessons are simply paper and pens, or other resources often found at home.

How do I deliver the lessons as a parent/carer?

We’ve put together a full two hour plan for each lesson (aimed at teachers) but there are also short videos (approximately 10 minutes long) to explain how you can deliver the lesson that is fully adaptable. We’ve broken all of our plans down to time chunks so you are welcome to choose specific activities from the lesson plans which you feel would resonate best with your child and ask them to complete these. We currently have 12 different themes for you to choose from:

  • Communication & Marketing 
  • Education 
  • Entertainment & Art
  • Finance
  • Fun
  • Good
  • Health & Inclusion 
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • Retail
  • Safety & Security 
  • The Environment
  • Travel & Tourism
Do you have to complete the lessons in a certain order?

No. How you choose to deliver the lesson plans is completely up to you.

Are these lessons suitable for children with Special Educational Needs?

If you would like to deliver Tech We Can to students with special needs then please contact our Education Consultant ( and she will be happy to help you adapt the lesson plans to suit the needs and ability of your class.

I want to teach this to children at home, but they are not within the suggested age group - can I still teach them?

Yes, if you take a look through the plans some of the material is still relevant for under 10s and above 13s, please use your judgement if your child would find them suitable.

Do I need to have a knowledge of tech to teach this?

No, not at all. The lesson plans are designed to be very simple to use that require no background knowledge of technology. The videos provide you with the background information and guidance in order for you to guide the children through the task, and were originally designed for teachers of any specialism so don’t required any specialist knowledge. If you have any further questions you can contact

Anything Else?

We’d love to hear your feedback and how you’ve adapted the plans to work for your children, and I’m sure others would love to learn from your experience also  so feel free to share your experiences on social media via our hashtag #TechWeCan, we’ll keep an eye out and can offer advice if you need it.

Please do let your school know about these lessons so they can continue studying Tech We Can in school when they return.

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